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Mission: Empowering people to improve their health through education in the United States and other developing countries around the world.

Our Foundation’s major goal: Promoting population health through production and dissemination of health-care guidance information in patient-friendly and accessible language, for the people in the developing countries and all around the world, such that they can become better informed about their health conditions and disease prevention measures. That enrichment of their knowledge would enable them to become prudent health care consumers and feel empowered to make educated health care decisions in partnership++ with their doctors for realizing improved treatment outcomes.**
++ That partnership is to be based on trust, understanding and mutual respect between patients and their doctors.
** Improved treatment outcomes shall include increased clinical service quality, patient safety and cost-effectiveness of health care services to patients.
Our Goals/ Action steps for Years: 2013 to 2016
Produce health educational guide materials including books and other communication media covering major chronic diseases, and infectious conditions including environmental and occupational health risks for people in the developing countries and all around the world.

Promote and support community health educational forums through media, civic-minded organizations (i.e. Rotary/ Lions clubs, local/ international medical professional organizations, etc.), schools, libraries, and social media/ other communication social media channels.

Produce health educational books and health care promotional guides for consumers and health care workers in country-specific editions, in partnership with the local publishers,  particularly in the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region of the world

Our Guiding Principles

  1. The books and other audio/video guide materials should be produced in both the content and tone such that the average non-clinical readers can understand and feel empowered to take charge of their own/family’s health, regardless of their current knowledge of technical terms or their health statuses.
  2. Emphasis should be placed to proven disease prevention and wellness initiatives for men, women, and children of all ages.
  3. Healthcare information covered in the books/other channels should foster good doctor-to-patient professional relationship building through effective communication strategies for health-care providers. Such strategies should be based on the premise that good patient-care begins with humanistic approaches to improved communications between health-care providers and their patients and (b) that helps generate team-work and feel confidence in, respect for, and trust in each other.
  4. Information presented should help empower patients/families and other health care consumers in general, to become prudent healthcare consumers and thereby make informed-health-care decisions with their doctors.
  5. The books can also serve as quick reference clinical manuals to young clinicians, nursing and other allied-health professionals including students in the health-professional colleges.
  6. The overarching goal is to promote population health and wellness, and improve the quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in developing countries and all around the world; thereby improve patient as well as professional satisfaction as a whole.

Dr. Samy Veluchamy, MSc, MS, ScD, CCE.

President/Founder, Global Health Reach Foundation, LLC.

Note: Since 2010, the writer has spent considerable time studying the prevailing health conditions of the people, and their health-care situation in major developing nations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Veluchamy is the Author of his recent book title ( two volumes):


The book is specially written in simple language without medical jargon, by experienced health care professionals as both: a health care guide for patients, families and health care consumers in general, and a quick reference clinical manual for young doctors, nurses and other health care workers, including students in the health professional colleges in the developing countries and all around the world.