A Librarian’s Reading of the Book for the Readers

Title:  The Incredible Human Machine: YOUR BODY AND ITS  HEALTH
                                             (Volume 1 & Volume 2)

The Incredible Human Machine is an owner’s manual for the human body and its health. Written by experienced health-care professionals, with the average patient in mind, the book provides health and health-care information covering most major areas of general medicine. In patient-friendly and accessible language, the Incredible Human Machine is written for health-care consumers as an at-home guide to health and wellness. The authors have strived to craft the book also as an easy-to-use clinical manual for young doctors, nurses and allied-health professionals including students in the health professional colleges.

The book is an easy read and packed with essential details for patients/families on what questions to ask of their doctors and how to become informed patients. It provides guidance for empowering health-care consumers to make informed medical care decisions in partnership with their doctors, based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect toward realizing optimal treatment outcomes.
In addition the book extensively covers patient safety issues in health-care settings, including common medical errors and associated mishaps in hospitals and clinics, and provides “Safety Tips” for patients and families for preventing such mishaps from happening to them. It also provides helpful information on patients’ rights, expectations, and responsibilities to become informed participants in their own care with their health-care providers.

In addition to providing valuable health care information to patients and consumers, it is full of practical information regarding effective communication strategies for health-care professionals such as fostering a good doctor-patient relationship that combines the doctor’s technical skills and clinical judgements, with close attention to the patient’s individual values and needs. This will help develop team work, confidence, respect, and trust in each other—the essentials for good treatment results for patients and satisfying professional careers for their care-providers.

The book covers all major chronic diseases to infectious conditions to environmental and occupational health risks, including preventive care and wellness initiatives for men, women and children of all ages. The book chapters provide concise information on hundreds of the latest clinical diagnostic tests and procedures and medical/surgical treatments as recommended by experienced doctors for their patients. Also, it includes current medical research evidence on selected treatments and illustrative patient stories drawn from both the United States and several other countries in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. This is the first reference guide of its kind to cover such wide range of helpful information, all while appealing to health care professionals and the laypeople alike.

With this revolutionary health care guide, people can educate themselves and feel empowered to take charge of their health, regardless of their current knowledge of diseases or their health statuses. So whether you are looking up the signs and symptoms of an acute disorder or certain major chronic disease, or finding out about the latest medical research evidence, you will not find yourself frustrated with conflicting information, complicated technical language or medical jargon.

You will be glad that you did have a copy of this book as a quick reference guide to your health and wellness.