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Book Title: The Incredible Human Machine—Your Body and Its Health (Volume 1 & Volume 2)

Short Description:
From chronic diseases to infectious conditions, a growing number of health issues face countries all over the world. With the advent of globalization, more and more young people than ever are having their lives taken by diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and heart disease—but there is still hope for improving this ever-changing health situation.
The answer lies in empowerment and education, and understanding the incredible machine that is the human body. With this revolutionary health care guide, people can begin to educate themselves and take charge of their own health, regardless of their current knowledge of technical terms or medical jargon.
Written by experienced health care professionals, with the average patient in mind, this book covers most major areas of general medicine—from the vital organs and their functional impairments to infectious diseases to environmental and occupational health risks. It includes up-to-date information about disease specific signs and symptoms, the latest approaches used by medical professionals for clinical diagnoses, treatments, and ways to work on health and wellness at home. The book provides guidance to patients and families on what questions to ask of their doctors and then make informed medical care decisions for safe and effective results.
In addition to providing valuable information for patients and consumers, the book serves as a clinical manual for professionals, particularly young doctors, nurses, allied-health professionals, and students just starting out in the world of health care. It is full of practical information regarding the physician-patient relationship, and effective communication strategies for health care professionals. It serves as a handy reference to basic physiology, common diseases/disorders, and infectious conditions that affect men, women and children of all ages. It provides concise information on hundreds of the latest clinical diagnostic tests/procedures and medical/surgical treatments recommended by experienced doctors for their patients.

The human body is an incredible machine, full of complex parts and systems that work precisely to keep everything running smoothly. But it is like a machine that requires regular care and maintenance, especially to combat the growing issues of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other killers that are taking millions of young lives in developing countries and all around the world.

The Incredible Human Machine is an owner’s manual for the body, including just about everything you need to know about health and wellness. From basic anatomy and physiology to disease prevention and environmental health risks, this is the first reference guide of its kind to cover such a wide range of information, all while appealing to health care professionals and the laypeople alike.

Health care professionals with broad knowledge and experience and clear understanding from within their fields in Asia and the United States have composed The Incredible Human Machine while maintaining patient-friendly and accessible language and tone. So whether you’re looking up the signs and symptoms of a certain disorder, or finding out about the latest medical test/treatment research evidence, you’ll not find yourself frustrated by medical jargon or complicated technical terms.

Patients, health care consumers, clinical professionals, and students in health professional colleges will all find valuable information in this convenient text—either as an at-home guide to health and wellness, or as an easy-to-use clinical reference. So empower yourself and start taking your health into your own hands with this well-researched and up-to-date health care guide.
                                            Product Details
Volume 1                                                                         Volume 2
Paperback: 320 pages                                               Paperback: 276 pages
ISBN-10: 1493712454                                               ISBN-10: 1494749149
ISBN-13: 978-1493712458                                        ISBN-13: 978-1494749149
                                            LCCN: 2013920880
Product Dimensions: 11x 8.5×0.7 inches         Product Dimensions: 11×8.5×0.6
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 15, 2014)

Available from,, and other online book sellers in the U.S, and Europe. Listed for distribution to Libraries in the U.S, through Ingram and Baker & Taylor Companies.
We are currently working to find suitable publishing companies in India/Singapore for publishing Asian editions such that the books can be made accessible at lower costs for more people in the Asia-Pacific region.

                                           About the Authors

                    Author: Samy Veluchamy, MSc, MS, ScD, CCE.
                   Global Health Reach Foundation, LLC. United States.

Dr. Samy Veluchamy has a diverse educational background, including post-graduate education in engineering and biology, medical physiology, biomedical engineering, and health care management. He began his career as a biomedical engineer and clinical researcher in the Division of Cardiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, in 1972.

For the next thirty years, Dr.Veluchamy worked in several senior management positions in the United States’ health care systems, including the roles of: corporate vice president and director at the Ohio Heart and Vascular Institute, the Advanced Treatments and Bionics Institute, and the Center for Clinical Technology and Patient Treatment Outcomes Research at Mount Carmel Health; and president of the Hospital Technology Consulting Group in Ohio. He has written extensively in health care journals on clinical technology assessment, clinical quality and patient safety management aspects.

In 2006, he founded the Global Health Reach Group, USA, providing management consulting services to hospitals in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2013, Dr. Veluchamy founded the Global Health Reach Foundation LLC, United States to help produce health educational materials (in patient-friendly language) including books and other communication channels for the people in the developing world. *

                                        Contributing Authors

N. Ponnusamy, MD, a diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, has practiced for over thirty years as general and gastrointestinal surgeon in Ohio, California, and Oregon.

Dharman Annadurai, MD, a pulmonary medicine specialist, has practiced for over thirty-one years in VA hospitals in Kansas, New York, and Ohio. He has conducted many educational seminars for physicians in the United States on effective physician-to-patient communication strategies.

* A portion of the author’s royalty from this book is being donated to the Global Health Reach Foundation LLC., United States, in support of its Mission. That is to help improve “People’s Health through Education and Empowerment” in developing countries and all around the world.

The book (volume 1 and volume 2) has been specially written in simple language, with the average-patient in mind, by experienced health care professionals: for patients/families and health care consumers as an at-home guide to health and wellness; and as an easy-to-use clinical reference manual for clinicians (young doctors, nurses, and allied-health professionals) including students in the health professional colleges.

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Samy Veluchamy, MSc, MS, ScD, CCE.
President, Global Health Reach Foundation LLC.   E-mail: