Dr. Samy Veluchamy, President/Founder Global Health Reach Foundation LLC., has recently published the  Book: THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN MACHINE: Your Body and its Health ( Volume 1 and Volume 2).  Both Volumes Cover all major chronic diseases, infectious conditions, environmental hazards and occupational health risks, including medical experts recommended preventive care and wellness initiatives for men, women, and children of all ages.

The human body is an incredible machine, full of complex parts and systems that work precisely to keep everything running smoothly. But it is like a machine that requires regular care and maintenance, especially to combat the growing issues of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other killers that are taking millions of young lives in developing countries and all around the world.

 The Incredible Human Machine is an owner’s manual for the body, including just about everything you need to know about health and wellness. From basic anatomy and physiology to disease prevention and environmental health risks, this is the first reference guide of its kind to cover such a wide range of information, all while appealing to health care professionals and the laypeople alike.

Health care professionals with broad knowledge and experience and clear understanding from within their fields in Asia and the United States have composed The Incredible Human Machine while maintaining patient-friendly and accessible language and tone. So whether you’re looking up the signs and symptoms of a certain disorder, or finding out about the latest medical test/treatment research evidence, you’ll not find yourself frustrated by medical jargon or complicated technical terms.

 Patients, health care consumers, clinical professionals, and students in health professional colleges will all find valuable information in this convenient text—either as an at-home guide to health and wellness, or as an easy-to-use clinical reference. So empower yourself and start taking your health into your own hands with this well-researched and up-to-date health care guide.

Both volumes are currently available through Amazon.com in the United States and Europe. People can also request their local librarians to obtain the books to their libraries.